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“’s also likely to find an audience via streaming platforms, though the movie’s biggest asset — Michael Darren’s

(One Eyed Girl) immersive and unsettling score — deserves to be played as loudly as possible.”


" is also the unbelievable score; Michael Darren assaults with distorted doom-laden electro!.."


"...One of the film’s most striking elements is its musical score. Composed by Michael Darren, it has a distinctly

1970s style and cuts in and out without warning. It helps to create a constant sense of unease."


"...Shanahan establishes a sense of foreboding with a wall-to-wall score from composer Michael Darren loudly

prophesying doom, and credits (including a possessive one for the director) unspooling over a blood-red screen."


"...and he is superbly aided by Michael Darren's excellent score, perfectly matched in colour and tone

to the film's resonances."

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